Technology Ushers a New Revolution in Marketing and Brand-Building


As a lot of people spend most of their times working and socializing on their smartphone, iPads/ tablets and PCs, it is evident that businesses and brands need an amalgamation of marketing with technology. Modern businesses have come to rely more on digital marketing technology apart from the traditional advertising domains of visual (TV) and print media, for campaigning reach and brand-relevance.

Marketing/ advertising is an intuitive and creative process, and it involves an instinctive grasp on what motivates people to buy what they buy. Whereas, technology which requires systematic skills in computing, and mathematics is used for achieving the goals of brand-building and marketing. Simply put, modern businesses now utilize technology to enhance the reach of creativity.
At the core of modern marketing strategies in Asian markets is the speed, the relevance and reach of any advertising campaign, which is possible only through modern technology. This is where digital marketing has revolutionised the way modern businesses function.

Digital Marketing:

This is the use of internet technology to market your products/ brands through several digital electronic mediums such as the smartphones, tablets and PCs, and called digital marketing hence

The relevance of digital technology to modern businesses:

The emergence of the angle of digital mediums and social media in marketing has transformed the way brands targets its customers and handles content to have an impactful brand relevance. The quality of your business website is a very important aspect of a successful digital marketing campaign. This website is a point of interaction between the customer and the business/ brand.

It is important to capture the attention of the targeted online customer audience to have a successful thriving business. Attracting online traffic may not be so difficult but how you are able to transform the online traffic into good sales numbers is what is important and of relevance here. And let us see how this can be achieved with the help of digital marketing:


  • Digital marketing is more economical and cost-efficient than other traditional marketing mediums. When compared to the bigger business houses, the small and medium ones have lesser resources to reach out to a bigger targeted customer base. Digital marketing helps achieve this.
  • It is an effective medium for better communication with a wider audience and there is scope for a rather more personal interaction here than other traditional marketing mediums.
  • Where there is more scope for interaction, businesses have better ways of knowing and addressing the needs and expectations from their customers. This also means that there is greater possibility of converting the online traffic into successful sales numbers.
  • And because it is cost-effective and can reach a wider customer base, it creates a level playing field for the different businesses- big, small and medium and creates a healthy competitive atmosphere in the markets.
  • The emergence of digital marketing has influenced purchasing decisions of people over the years and helped generate better revenues overall.


Types of digital marketing:

The crucial aspects of a successful digital marketing campaign:

The quality of your business website is a very important aspect of a successful digital marketing campaign. Businesses – small and medium too are now able to reach a bigger customer base and have had to restructure their business models to cater to a larger audience.

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Regular Customers

It is relevant in terms of having a competitive edge over your rivals and also useful in increasing the conversion leads of website traffic into regular customers.

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The branding of your products/ services and the relevance of attractive crisp content to the targeted audience can also never be undermined. It is necessary to improve the quality and quickness of your responsiveness to be able to convert the online traffic into successful customer leads. Your business website must perform well on the search engines and must have sufficient speed and easy to handle navigation to be able to run a successful digital marketing campaign.
The main purpose of technology in marketing is to make people find you and make your brand/ products relevant to your targeted audience. Latest research clearly indicate that an effective and noticeable digital presence is essential to run a successful business.

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